Cannabis is a very important part of peoples lives who live with chronic pain from various different illnesses, cancers etc. Oakland dispensary should be run by people who are qualified like Harborside. We do need to use this better and the passing of other bills to take care of the major racial injustice that we have in our prisons and our jails. We need to get any family member out of these prisons or jails that were convicted for a minor drug offense. These non-violent crimes have destroyed more families. Need to put those families back together and we owe these families compensation all the years that they spent in prison without even a conviction because they couldn’t pay fines. That’s a crock and needs to be changed immediately. Gavin Newsom needs to be involved in this because the prisons are in different parts of California but in the meantime we can take care of our non-violent family members that are in our jails. Release all of them now.