Follow Karen Boyd's recommendations to bring technology and transparency to this antiquated office, and follow through with the City Auditor's recommendations as per Audit report and Matrix ASAP!! There are countless examples of how this office works as if they are stuck in the 1980's. KTOP staff has advised them how to be send files digitally instead of through the mail. As per Karen's Boyd Youtube presentation dated 10/6/15, Equity means also reaching and building trust with small Oakland property owners. As per her eloquent talk, she should apply all of these digital improvements and new tools such as digital front door project FIRST to the Rent Board. The Rent Board currently does not appear to want to offer any service to small property owners at all.

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Many decisions are made about city operations and services that affect the quality of life of residents. It would be helpful if residents had opportunities for public feedback and education at the earliest points of consideration - before matters are voted on by the Council.

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