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2.17 22-0144 Subject: 14th Street Safety Project From: Transportation Department Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Approving The 14th Street Safety Project; Approving The 14th Street Safety Project Parking Management Plan; And Adopting California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Findings

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    Abhishek Kona over 1 year ago

    I support this a lot. I live in West Oakland and I do not feel safe to travel to Downtown Oakland, instead I end up going to Emeryville and Berkley because they have good bike paths to shops from where I live. I would love to give my Tax dollars to the city I live in, but right now they end up going to Emeryville and Berkley.

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    Samuel Maier over 1 year ago

    Downtown Oakland is desperate for an East-West bike and pedestrian route! Currently, there is no safe route from the Mandela Parkway to Lake Merritt or vice-versa, as well as to many business and sights downtown. It is essential that the city provide a link between these two landmarks, heightening the safety of those rolling or walking through downtown. As we address the ongoing climate catastrophe, we must reckon with the fact that car pollution is large source of carbon emissions and provide safe, reliable, green modes of moving throughout the city. Thank you for committing to lower emissions through active transit alternatives!

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    Jesse Rosemoore over 1 year ago

    In May 2005 my good friend Brandie Bailey was killed riding her bike on the streets of New York City. Two and a half years later, my friend Craig Murphey was killed riding his bike in Brooklyn. I have heard that there have been multiple fatalities involving cyclists and pedestrians on 14th Street since 2016 and I know how terribly pointless these deaths are.

    There is currently no East-West bike route to or through downtown that is safe, efficient, and comfortable, a situation that discourages someone who may have reasonable trepidation about riding a bike from doing so in the center of our great city. This project presents an opportunity to more fully complete a great bike network, closing this notable gap from Lake Merritt to West Oakland through downtown. Our City should be one that welcomes people of all ages and abilities to ride a bike, safely, comfortably, and efficiently.

    This project is supported by a significant amount of state funding. If this project is not approved, when would there be another opportunity to have this East-West connection to the center of Oakland for people to safely ride a bicycle? Would it be a few more years? Would it be a decade or two? If so, how many unnecessary serious injuries or deaths of cyclists and pedestrians may occur that will not occur if this project is built on schedule? How long would Oaklanders have to wait to be able to ride a bike in, to and from Oakland's City Center safely, comfortably and efficiently?

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    Bret Peterson over 1 year ago

    Please make Oakland safer for vulnerable pedestrians and bikers. The current situation on 14th st is too unsafe for a modern city. These improvements will produce more bikers and make it easier for our city to reach its climate change goals.

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    Emma Fujii over 1 year ago

    I'm glad that non-automotive transportation is being prioritized.

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    Scott Forman over 1 year ago

    I've walked, cycled, and driven back and forth on 14th St many times. The current design is dangerous, sooty, and LOUD, actively encouraging reckless driving. A calmer, friendlier, more peaceful 14th is possible. PLEASE vote in favor of this project. Please don't listen to the people who complain about parking or who believe they have the right to speed recklessly. The redesigned Street will offer literally the only safe bike route across Downtown. It will be good for Oakland, good for businesses (, good for the climate, and most importantly it will save lives and limbs. Thank you.

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    Raul Maldonado over 1 year ago

    I want to protect houseless people moving their carts, ADA folks commuting, and generally all age & ethnicities bike/scooter riders with this bike lane.
    I love seeing this come in, having a safe space away from being doored by cars or angrily passed by cars. I see this too, when I drive sometimes