Idea: Defund OPD

Kusum Crimmel almost 4 years ago

Defund OPD: My name is Kusum Crimmel, and I have lived in Oakland for 20 years, worked for OUSD for the past 11 years and raising my 11 year old daughter in Oakland schools. As a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), a restorative justice facilitator and conflict mediator, I have witnessed and participated in de-escalation and mental health support literally saving people's lives and diverting people from a system of harm. As city council members, you are being asked to make budget decisions that impact the ENTIRE CITY. Black and Brown communities in this city have been the heaviest hit as gentrification has pushed thousands of families out, has stripped people of viable employment opportunities and the economically struggling school system is harming students all the time. The police have WAY too much money, WAY too many responsibilities and WAY too much power. They are killing people. They are being called upon to deal with issues they don't have the training or capacity to deal with. WHY ARE WE STILL GIVING THEM SO MUCH MONEY??? This is a time in history that has BLATANTLY shown the deadly impact of police on Black and Brown communities, specifically. You are the people who make decision that impact everyone. I implore you to vote while thinking about all the people of Oakland. This city needs community programs, affordable housing, job opportunities and job training. People are in need of basic services. You have a moral obligation to make budget decisions that uplift and support the people the most heavily impacted by systemic oppression. How we treat the most vulnerable, is a direct relationship to how we are as a society. Oakland is greater because of the diversity of Black and Brown people in all their brilliance and beauty. Continuing to fund the police as it has in the past is allowing continued surveillance, trauma, state sanctioned violence and murder. Defund the OPD and resource flatland communities and neighborhoods.

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