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Agenda Item

10 23-0418 Subject: HHAP And Measure Q Homelessness Funding Report FY 2023-2024 From: Human Services Department Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution: (1) Accepting From The State Of California Homeless, Housing, Assistance, And Prevention (HHAP) Round 4 Funds In The Amount Of $26,044,615, And Any Additional HHAP Funds That Become Available For The Provision Emergency Homeless Interventions; And (2) Authorizing The City Administrator To Enter Into A Memorandum Of Understanding With Alameda County As A Condition Of Accepting The HHAP Funds; And (3) Waiving The Local/Small Local Business Enterprise (L/SLBE) Requirement For Four (4) Providers Identified In Tables 1 And 2 For The Provision Of Hygiene Services At Homeless Encampments And The 66th Avenue RV Safe Parking Program; And (4) Awarding And/Or Extending Grant Agreements And Professional Services Agreements To The Homeless Service Providers And For The Terms Identified In Tables 1 And 2, Using Up To $18,334,876 Of HHAP Funds, Up To $2,676,658 Of General Purpose Funds (GPF), And Up To $4,578,346 Of Measure Q Funding; And (5) Authorizing The City Administrator To Extend The Occupancy Agreement Between The City And Vima Harrison 1, LLC For The Lake Merritt Lodge Located At 2332 Harrison Street, For An Additional Term Through June 30, 2024 At A Maximum Annual Rental Amount Not To Exceed $5,883,125, For Up To 92 Rooms Of Emergency Non-Congregate Shelter