Meeting Time: June 06, 2023 at 4:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

9 23-0436 Subject: Just Cause Amendment Requiring Actual Injury For Breach Of Lease Evictions From: Councilmember Jenkins And Council President Fortunato Bas Recommendation: Adopt An Ordinance Amending The Just Cause For Eviction Ordinance (Oakland Municipal Code 8.22.360) To Require Landlords To Demonstrate Substantial Actual Injury Before Evicting Tenants For Breach Of Lease

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    Samantha Beckett about 1 year ago

    Please pass this amendment. It would help prevent completely avoidable, bad faith evictions over frivolous issues and help keep Oakland tenants housed.

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    Lauren Chiarulli about 1 year ago

    Please pass this amendment to require substantial damage to evict tenants for a breach of their lease. This will prevent Oakland tenants from being evicted by landlords over frivolous reasons.

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    Emily Wheeler about 1 year ago

    This amendment is a common-sense amendment that would help flatten the curve of evictions by preventing bad-faith landlords from evicting their tenants over frivolous issues. It would not affect decent landlords in the slightest.