Meeting Time: June 06, 2023 at 4:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

6.24 23-0343 Subject: Authorizing The City To Enter Into Two Advertising Sign Relocation Agreements From: Councilmembers Gallo, Jenkins And Kaplan Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution: (1) Authorizing The City Administrator To Negotiate And Enter Into Two Relocation Agreements: One With Becker Boards, L.L.C. ("Becker") And One With Outfront Foster Interstate LLC ("OFI"), With Each Agreement Including, Without Limitation, The Following: (A) Allowing Becker And OFI To Remove And Waive Its Respective Rights To Just Compensation To Certain Existing Advertising Sign Faces At Various Locations In The City Of Oakland In Exchange For Becker's And OFI's Construction Of Up To Five New Double-Sided Digital Advertising Signs Each On Private Property; (B) Requiring Becker And OFI To Each Make Annual Payments To Designated Nonprofits And The City; And (C) Other Substantive Terms; And (2) Adopting Appropriate California Environmental Quality Act Findings

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    Noha Aboelata 4 months ago

    On behalf of Roots Community Health Center, I am writing in support of the community-driven billboard agreements with Becker and OFI that will come before City Council this Tuesday. We are honored to be among the beneficiaries of this plan. As a state-licensed community health center, we provide a significant volume of uncompensated care and supportive services to our community. Further, we are continuing to address the severe and ongoing negative impacts of the pandemic despite receding support for those efforts. Long-term, guaranteed, unrestricted funds will help fill gaps and allow us to continue advancing innovative solutions to ongoing mental health challenges, community violence, and economic hardships facing our communities. Furthermore, access to no-cost billboard space will enable us to save resources we currently spend on our community health education such as our ongoing Real Talk campaign which raises awareness about mental wellness. I am very hopeful that as a City we can get this done! I would love to see this long-awaited plan come together so we can realize the collective benefit for Oakland residents. Please vote in favor of adopting this resolution. Thank you for your consideration.
    Noha Aboelata, MD, CEO, Roots Community Health Center

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    Chirag Patel 4 months ago

    Hello - My name is Chirag Patel, Director of Planning and Development for Native American Health Center (NAHC). Established in 1972, NAHC currently serves over 14,000 members each year through our medical, dental, behavioral health, and social services departments.

    NAHC proudly stands in support of the proposal from Becker Boards and OFI, and the positive impact the revenue generated from their proposed project will have on Oakland communities. For NAHC, this funding will have a catalytic impact on the affordable housing and new clinic project we are building on International Boulevard in the Fruitvale District of Oakland - an area and community that continues to be overlooked, and underserved. This project will benefit the community by providing affordable housing, clinical services, and a large community cultural center and will greatly aide our ability to serve community.

    I have been involved in the billboard effort since it’s beginning several years ago and have seen many efforts to derail this community-driven initiative – we really hope that you all will not allow any further. Let’s move this forward and give the community what we’ve been fighting for!

    Thank you for considering our support and please vote YES for these historic billboard agreements.

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    Everardo Rodriguez 4 months ago

    This is Everardo Rodriguez a small local business owner of Bay Restorators Corp a constituent from district 5 (Noel Gallo) I urge the full support of all Council Members to vote in favor of the Billboard initiative proposed by Becker Board / OFI as this directly supports small local business property owners, community organizations both directly financial and indirectly such as free advertising and the City coffers as well both directly and indirectly with such as more taxes City generated taxes by the leases and funds going directly into community organizations pockets which the City clearly does not have.

    City staff has been working like hired thugs for BIG MEGA Corporate companies such as Clear Channel and hired consultants that were clearly NOT VETTED properly nor proper Vetting done by Clear Channels proposal that City STAFF submitted as a last desperate measure on Clear Channels behalf. How is this even legal or pass the smell test. IT STINKS of BIG Corporate greed.

    Clear Channel has clearly lied time and again and as a monopolistic company have taken advantage of the City of Oakland for Decades, "Once a Liar, always a Liar"

    I urge you to please vote in favor of Becker Board / OFI.

    Show your REAL & TRUE SUPPORT for Local businesses and Community Organizations.

    Thank You
    Everardo Rodriguez