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4 23-0425 Subject: Resolution In Support Of California Senate Bill 673 (Bradford) From: Councilmember Reid Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution In Support Of California Senate Bill 673 (Bradford) Which Would Establish An "Ebony Alert" To Help Locate Missing Black Youth And Black Women

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    Vanessa Russell 7 months ago

    My name is Vanessa Russell and I am the Founding Executive Director of Love Never Fails, an organization which has been fighting against human trafficking over the last 12 years. I am speaking in support of item 4, the resolution in support of California Senate Bill 673 (Bradford) from Councilmember Reid.

    There has been an emergency call from our community for urgent action to protect Black girls and women in Oakland and the recent increase in attempted kidnappings and human/sex trafficking activities in the City has only heightened the importance and urgency of this resolution. Black youth are disproportionately classified as “runaways” in comparison to their white counterparts who are classified as “missing” and do not receive Amber Alert support. Within 48 hours 1/3 of all missing or runaway youth will be solicited for sex. It is imperative that we are committed to keeping youth safe; providing them preventative care and when they are missing, that we demonstrate a sense of urgency in bringing them home.

    I support Senate Bill 673 which would establish an “Ebony Alert” to help locate missing Black youth and Black people.

    Of the 1,500 missing persons reports in the City of Oakland, over 400 are Black women. We need the Ebony Alert activated now. Please vote to adopt this resolution and let’s do more to protect our Black women and youth.