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2 23-0364 Subject: FY 2023-25 Proposed Budget Legislation From: Finance Department Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution: (1) Adopting The Biennial Budget For Fiscal Years 2023-25 And Appropriating Funds To Cover Expenditures Approved By Said Budget; (2) Authorizing The City Administrator To Transfer Funds Between Departments, Programs And Funds As Necessary To Support Departmental Reorganization As Set Forth In The Adopted Biennial Budget For Fiscal Years 2023-25. (3) Taking All Steps Necessary To Apply For And Receive Additional Funds Required To Advance And Complete The Projects Identified In The Capital Improvement Program And Accept And Appropriate Any Additional Funds Provided That Such Acceptance Is Consistent With And Does Not Otherwise Negatively Impact The City's Capital Improvement Program (4) Directing The City Administrator To Return To The Council With An Ordinance Amending Chapter 2.29 Of The Oakland Municipal Code To Implement The July 2024 Reorganizations Proposed In This Budget

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    Vanessa Russell 7 months ago

    Hello my name is Vanessa Russell, and I am the chairperson for Oakland’s Violence Prevention Coalition.

    Please reject the Mayor’s proposed 26% budget cut to Dept. of Violence Prevention.

    We are facing a public safety crisis with an increase in robberies, kidnapping, gun violence, homicide & sex trafficking.

    Violence plagues Black & Latinx communities at disproportionate rates.

    In 2020 when the DVP received its initial funding 76% of homicides were of Black people & the Alameda County DA noted that 63% of youth involved in sex trafficking were Black & 15% were Latinx. The homicide of Black people also exceeds all other races by thousands.

    VPC asks you to reject DVP’s budget cut in order to maintain the safety & stability of Oakland.

    A letter was sent to each Council Member with unified opposition to this cut from the following agencies:

    Youth Alive!
    Adamika Village
    Homies Empowerment
    Covenant House
    Progressive Transitions
    Love Never Fails
    Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere
    Oakland Frontline Healers
    Black Leaders Coalition
    Chris Jones Foundation
    BAWAR – Bay Area Women Against Rape )
    FAITH-4 Ministries
    Global Communication Services (GCEA)
    Vision Quilt
    Realized Potential Inc
    Laurel District Association
    Owning My Own Truth
    Alan Blueford Foundation
    Blueford Center for Justice
    LoveLife Foundation
    BIZ Stoop
    Sarah Webster Fabio Center for Social Justice
    Oscar Grant Foundation
    Men Creating Peace
    Lighthouse Community Public Schools
    Khadafy Washington Foundation

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    Tanya Dennis 7 months ago

    In national politics, it's been proven ad nauseam that common sense ain't common! I pray that meme doesn't hold true for Oakland City Council.
    What is the solution to violence prevention? Common sense and past history has proven that more police does not stop violence, while common sense and past history has proven that intervention, support services and community healing does.

    The City Council in balancing the budget will face the question as to whether cutting the Department of Violence Prevention makes sense. Does it?

    Violence has increased at an un-precedented level in our beloved city. Being in "the mud" I see what happens when resources and care are no longer available in the flatlands. . .the "have nots" prey upon those that do. Don't set Oakland up for more victimization. Please use common sense and leave the DVP budget as is, or award an increase, as more resources are needed. Respectfully Submitted Tanya Dennis - Oakland Frontline Healers and Adamika Village#stopkillingourkidsmovement