Meeting Time: May 22, 2023 at 10:00am PDT
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Agenda Item

7 23-0395 Subject: City Auditor Assistance On Grants To ESO Ventures From: Councilmember Kaplan Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Requesting The Assistance Of The City Auditor To Provide Clarity On The Grant Funding Awarded To ESO Ventures Through City Council Resolutions, Including But Not Limited To The Eight Million Dollar ($8,000,000) Grant In City Resolution No. 88877 C.M.S. (2021) And The Seventy-Five Thousand Dollar ($75,000) Grant Awarded In City Resolution No. 88780 C.M.S. (2021) To Determine How Much Of The Grant Funds Have Been Spent And For What Uses; How Much Remains; And Identifying Status Reports Provided By Or About ESO Ventures' Funding