Meeting Time: May 25, 2023 at 10:30am PDT
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Agenda Item

3.7 23-0433 Subject: PEG Funding Apportionment 2023-2023 From: Office Of The City Clerk / KTOP Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution: (1) Appropriating Approximately $2.4 Million (A 5-Year Estimated Total) In Public Education Government (PEG) Fee Funds For FY 2023-2024 Through The End Of FY 2027-2028 For The Capital Expenses Of Public, Education And Government (PEG) Cable Television Channels Operating In The City Of Oakland; And (2) Authorizing Apportionment Of Equal Shares Of The PEG Funds To (KTOP), The Oakland Unified School District (KDOL), And The Peralta Community College District (PeraltaTV) For Their PEG Channel Cable And Video Television Facilities, Subject To Equal Reapportionment In Fiscal Years When There Are More Or Fewer PEG Channels Operating In Oakland; And (3) Authorizing The City Administrator To Execute Or Amend Memoranda Of Understanding To Effectuate The Distribution Of Said Funds; On The June 13, 2023 Finance And Management Committee Agenda