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Agenda Item

3.4 22-0417 Subject: Resolution Declaring Racism A Public Health Crisis From: City Attorney Parker, City Administrator Reiskin And Director Flynn Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Declaring Racism A Public Health Crisis And Reaffirming The City's Commitment To Advancing Racial Equity By: (1) Taking Into Account How The City Can Achieve Equity In City Of Oakland, In All Aspects Of City Planning, Policymaking, Laws, Contracting, And Hiring; (2) Approving A Non-Comprehensive Roadmap Of Next Steps That The City Will Take To Advance Racial Equity And Reduce Alarming Health Disparities In Oakland; And (3) Providing Funding In The Mid-Cycle Budget For A Data Analyst And Consulting Services In An Amount Not To Exceed $350,000, 00. To Support The City And The Department Of Race And Equity To Advance Necessary Improvements In Systems For Collecting And Processing Data To Track Performance And Equity Progress; On The May 23, 2022 Life Enrichment Committee Agenda