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Agenda Item

3.8 22-0308 Subject: HUD Continuum Of Care (CoC) And Associated Funding FY 22-23 From: Human Services Department Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution: 1) Accepting, Appropriating, And Authorizing Agreements For The Receipt Of Funds To Support Homeless Programs From The Following Sources: A. Continuum Of Care (CoC) Supportive Housing Program Renewal Funds From The U.S. Department Of Housing And Urban Development (HUD) In The Amount Of $5,532,120 For Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-23; B. Local Housing Assistance Program (LHAP) Funds From The Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) In The Amount Of $965,400 For FY 2022-23; C. Social Services Agency (SSA) Funds From Alameda County In The Amount Of $372,221 For FY 2022-23; And 2) Appropriating $1,700,000 Of Measure Q Funds For FY 2022-23 To Provide Required HUD Match Funding And To Support The Ongoing Operation Of Transitional Housing Sites; And 3) Awarding Grant Agreements To Non-Profit Agencies Identified In Table 1 For FY 2022-23 Using The Above Funds To Provide Critical Homeless Services; And 4) Accepting And Appropriating Additional Grant Funds That Become Available For The Same Purposes Within FY 2022-23 And Authorizing The City Administrator To Amend The Grant Agreements To Adjust The Grant Amounts Within The Limits Of The Awards; And 5) Authorizing The Use Of General Purpose Funds To Pay Central Services Overhead Charges For The HUD CoC And SSA Grants; On The May 17, 2022 City Council Agenda On Non-Consent