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Agenda Item

11 22-0276 Subject: State Rental Assistance Cashflow Loan Program From: Housing And Community Development Department Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution: (1) Authorizing The City Administrator To Apply For, Accept, And Appropriate Funds Under The California Housing And Community Development State Rental Assistance Cashflow Loan Program In An Amount Not To Exceed Twenty Million Dollars ($20,000,000) Under The California Housing & Community Development Temporary Emergency Rental Assistance Cashflow Loan Program To Continue To Provide Financial Assistance For Eligible Oakland Tenants; (2) Authorizing Grant Agreements With Program Partners, Including Any Amendments And Reallocation Of Funds Between Program Partners Not To Exceed The Amount Awarded Under The Cashflow Loan Funding, Without Returning To Council If Necessary, To Provide Timely Expenditure Of Cashflow Funds Financial Assistance For Payment Of Rent And Other Housing Related Expenses To Eligible Households; And (3) Authorizing The Application For, Acceptance And Appropriation Of Any Additional Cashflow Loan Funding Made Available By The California Department Of Housing & Community Development And To Amend Grant Agreements Between Existing Program Partners To Increase Funds Awarded Pursuant This Resolution Without Returning To Council On The Condition That Staff Return To Council To Report Program Progress And Additional Funds Received