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3.1 22-0112 Subject: Restore The Rights For Just Cause For Eviction For Owner Relative Move-In From: Member Of The Public: Ms. Rush Recommendation: Restore The Rights For Just Cause For Eviction For Owner Relative Move-In. The Blanket Eviction Moratorium Is Allowing Tenants, Not Impacted By COVID, To Capitalize By Attempting To Extort Money. The Uniform Relocation Ordinance Has Set Relocation Payments, Which They Would Normally Receive. Narrow The Eligibility Of Those Protected By The Moratorium For those Who Really Need Protection; As Soon As Possible As A Public Hearing

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    Elaine Kim almost 2 years ago

    Allow people who have taken a risk to buy a house and then taken another risk renting it out (especially with the most stringent laws in the nation) to LIVE in their own investment! They should be incentivized and feel in control of their home else you will make the availability of rental units decrease if you make it too hard for the owners. Give mom and pops a break! Not everyone is a greedy landlord—some are just trying to get by and some get taken advantage of with very little recourse!

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    Javier Sanchez almost 2 years ago

    i support this, i think it is time to give property owners their rights back. this is a great start of permitting owner-move-in but can visit other just-cause carve-outs later. this is a different time of the pandemic so using it as an excuse would be more political than anything. no other sector of the economy has been forced to give free services for 20+ months and counting! all this blanketed policy does is embolden professional tenants and misuse more taxpayer money. it is time to return property rights back

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    Sharon Bowen almost 2 years ago

    I am a single mom who lost thousands of dollars due to a hostile, non-paying tenant squatting in my master bedroom during the moratoria. I was lucky - she left on her own. I have friends who have not been so lucky and face emotional abuse of tenants who will not leave. I will never rent a room in my house again unless the refs grant me some protection. And warn other homeowners to tread carefully. How does that help the housing crisis?

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    Hannah Kirk almost 2 years ago

    PLEASE ALLOW OWNER MOVE-INs. I have a housemate who isn't paying, hasn't been affected by COVID (hasn't submitted any declaration of distress forms to me nor signed the tenant portion of the rental relief funds, despite my delivering all correct paperwork and personally imploring her to do so). My children are now 2 years older, my daughter is nearly a teen and needs her own room, and I want to live in all the rooms in my house. I am not allowed to ask my housemate to leave, despite wanting to live in my own home without her. I am NOT a big landlord. I own only my home in Oakland that I live in with my 2 children.

    I invited her to move in to live in community and help pay the bills and neither is happening. She is not participating in our community and she is not paying and I want to live in my home in peace without her. There is no reason to let her stay! I could Ellis act my home, but what is the point of that? And, it's expensive and do you really want me to take another unit off the housing market here? I already have numerous friends who have stopped renting rooms in their house because of the moratorium. You are taking units off the market, preventing people from living in their own homes. I'm more than willing to pay relocation fees, despite that I will have to tap into all my retirement funds to do so. Please help this single mom live in her own home without a housemate (me). Thank you.