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Agenda Item

3.7 21-0910 Subject: City Of Oakland V. California Waste Solutions From: Office Of The City Attorney's Recommendation: Adopt An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 13274 C.M.S. Which Awarded California Waste Solutions, Inc. ("CWS") An Exclusive Residential Recycling Collection Services Franchise Contract ("RR Franchise Agreement"), To Authorize And Approve The First Amendment To The RR Franchise Agreement Which Will: (1) Clarify The Rate For Premium Backyard Multi-Family ("MFD") Recycling Services For Carts; (2) Modify Certain Provisions And Services CWS Provides Under The RR Franchise Agreement As Described And Specified In This Ordinance And First Amendment To The RR Franchise Agreement; And (3) Adopt Appropriate California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA") Findings (Department Of Public Works - Breach Of Contract); On The December 7, 2021 Special City Council Agenda On Non-Consent