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Agenda Item

3.4 21-0920 Subject: Actions To Address Gun Violence Crisis From: Councilmember Taylor Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution To Take Specific Actions And Make Specific Commitments In Support Of Oakland's Declared Gun Violence Public Health Crisis By: A. Directing The City Administrator To Provide, No Later Than The Council's First Meeting In January 2022, A Report And Recommendation To Apply Unanticipated And Uncommitted General Fund Revenue Or Cost Savings Toward: 1) The Addition Of A Third Police Academy In FY 2022-2023; 2) The Hiring Of Five (5) Additional Non-Sworn Criminal Investigations Staff; 3) The Initial Investment Into The Planning And Deployment Of Surveillance Camera Technology To Aid In Criminal Investigations While Minimizing Privacy Concerns; And 4) The Unfreezing Of Eight (8) Frozen Positions To Allow For Full Staffing Of The Ceasefire Unit; And B. Directing The City Administrator To Return To Council No Later Than The Council's First Meeting In January 2022, With An Information Report On The Following: 1) A Proposal For Doubling The Clearance Rate Of Homicides And Other Part 1 Crimes Including The Creation Of A Clearance Rates Dashboard; 2) A Staffing Plan To Increase The Number Of Filled Sworn Officer Positions To Eight Hundred (800) By December 2023; 3) Identification Of Grant Opportunities To Increase National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) Gun Tracing Efforts; 4) Monitor And Report Back To Council On The Effectiveness Of The 911 Surge Response Teams To Inform Whether Council Should Continue With The Freezing Of These Forty-One (41) Positions As Directed By The Council President's June 2021-23 Amended Budget; And 5) A Plan For Ensuring Equitable 911 Response Across The City And Eliminating The Higher Volume Of Unanswered Calls In Bureau Of Field Operations (BFO) Two Versus Bureau Of Field Operations (BFO) One; On The December 7, 2021 Special City Council Agenda On Non-Consent