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Agenda Item

4 21-0697 Subject: Increasing Contracting Opportunities From: Office Of The City Administrator Recommendation: Receive An Informational Report On The City's Work In Improving Contracting Opportunities For Local, Small, Women And Minority- Owned Businesses Including The Minutes Of All Meetings Of The Supporting Contracting Opportunities Committee And The Ad Hoc Subcommittee For Reviewing Contracts, Including A List Of All Contracts That Have Been Sent To Them For Review And Feedback, The Timeline For Such Feedback, And The Outcome Of Their Review And The Authorizing Information For The Creation Of Such Bodies, Who Was Selected To Serve On Them, By Whom Such Selection Was Made, Who Decided Which Contracts Would Be Sent To Them For Review, And On The Basis Of What Criteria, And The Status Of Enforcement Of Oakland's Prompt Payment Policy, And To Report On What Actions The Administration Is Taking, Through These "Committees" Or Otherwise, To Remedy The Mistreatment Of DBE Subcontractors By Prime Contractors With Whom The City Contracts