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4 21-0548 Subject: Informational Report On OPD Academies From: Vice Mayor Kaplan Recommendation: Receive An Informational Report From The Oakland Police Department On Efforts To Improve Retention And Graduation Rates Of Recruits Of Academies To Become An Officer In The Oakland Police Department, Including Data Regarding What Has Been Implemented And Planned Interventions To Improve Rates Of Completion Of Field Training; Also Provide Information On Plans To Improve Selection Of Applicants, Especially Oakland Residents, Who Are More Likely To Remain And Succeed

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    Prescott Chair about 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, there is no mention of the City Council’s own history of villainization of the Police Department. Any improvement of this would improve the morale of officers and help retain those officers who want to stay but based on the lack of support from the CC, they find it too challenging when other Cities are providing incentives to join their police force.

    OPD is much a family member of the City as Human Services, Public Works, etc.

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    Ayodele Nzinga about 2 years ago

    The MACRO resolution included a community advisory board which the City Council passed as a policy directive in the 2022-2024 budget. MACRO is not a 'program' in and of itself. Rather it is a group of suggestions that need implementation, refinement, and accountability measures to create a more humane interface for those in crisis. The successful implementation of the project rest on more than simply changing out the bodies that respond to the crisis; it depends upon a new approach with a different set of desired outcomes and goals. In other words, it is not just the who but also the how in terms of the successful rollout. The advisory program is a necessary component. This body will partner with the Oakland Fire Department and community organizations like APTP (MH1), Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice, and Urban Peace Movement to properly develop, vet, and hold the program accountable.
    This will ensure that MACRO is not just recycling broken policies but developing policies, practices, and systems in alignment with the needs and expertise of Oakland residents. I respectfully request that the spirit of the idea weighs more than a shell enactment that fails to meet the intention of the resolution. Please hold fast to keeping the component of an Advisory Board for the sake of the community.


    Dr. Ayodele Nzinga,