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2.3 21-0505 Subject: Declaration Of A Local Emergency On Homelessness From: Vice Mayor Kaplan Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Renewing And Continuing The City Council's Declaration Of A Local Emergency Due To The Existence Of The City's Homelessness Crisis

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    Prescott Chair over 2 years ago

    If this declaration allows and encourages the full implementation of the EMP including making the hard decision that not all unhoused want to be housed or provided housing options, then I support it.

    As fiscal fiduciaries, the City of Oakland residents voted to be taxed by the 2020 City of Oakland Parks and Homeless Services Measure (Measure Q) and other measures, entrusting this body to act by providing more than maintenance and other activity that sustain and grow our homeless or unhoused population.

    Finally, it is my hope that this doesn't become a mechanism to continue to grow our non-resident homeless population. Let’s focus the help for those who want help and those who can't help themselves.