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3.8 21-0412 Subject: Term Sheet With The Oakland Athletics From: Vice Mayor Kaplan Recommendation: TITLE CHANGE [OLD TITLE] Adopt A Resolution Of The Oakland City Council For A Non-Binding Term Sheet With The Oakland Athletic [NEW TITLE] Adopt A Resolution Approving Non-Binding Terms Of A Development Agreement With The Athletics Investment Group LLC, D/B/A The Oakland Athletics, A California Limited Liability Company, Including Terms For, But Not Limited To, The Financial Plan, Community Benefits, And Non-Relocation, Related To The Proposed Oakland Waterfront Balpark District Project To Be Developed On The Property Known As The Howard Terminal At The Port Of Oakland; On The July 20, 2021 City Council Agenda On Non-Consent

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    Miguel LaRosa over 2 years ago

    In 2006 the 2 Pac-12 Football Teams Renovated / Replaced their Stadiums. We are following the Debt Stadium Project Here. A Giveaway with ...... No Report. How can one Support or Oppose based on City's Transparency. Oakland is NOT a Baseball Town. It could be one... But not at $400 Box Seats. $900,000,000.00. in Projected Suite sales over 45 Years is Their Projected Investment. The Cal Plan. It's like Paying for Use of a Room in Transit Village for $5,000,000.00 from 2024~2057. It IS a Giveaway.. Oakland will Never be a Baseball Town.@ $50.00 per Game, Bleacher Seats. $500.00 Box Seats per Game to watch in "Wrigley Field Winds West". There is NO Grant for This. Which means in Oakland, Ca... Homeowners will pay for this. Just like everything else. The way this is being Handled is Suspicious... Typical.