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5 21-0414 Subject: FY 2021-23 Proposed Budget Resolutions From: Finance Department Recommendation: Adopt The Following Pieces Of Legislation: 1) A Resolution: 1. Adopting The Biennial Budget For Fiscal Years 2021-23 And Appropriating Funds To Cover Expenditures Approved By Said Budget; 2. Creating The General Purpose Fund Emergency Reserve Fund (Fund 1011) As Directed By City Council In Resolution No. 88574 C.M.S.; And 3. Authorizing The City Administrator To Transfer Funds Between Departments, Programs And Funds As Necessary To Support Departmental Reorganization As Set Forth In The Adopted Biennial Budget For Fiscal Years 2021-23; And

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    Prescott Chair over 2 years ago

    Historically, the Prescott Neighborhood (in West Oakland Area) has shared police services/coverage with the Downtown/Lake Merritt Area.

    Unlike other police beats, our community resource officers are responsible for 4 beats.

    Similar to the East Oakland area Gang violence, murder, burglaries, assaults, domestic violence, ...thefts, sideshows plague our neighborhood daily.

    We demand a police presence that provides more than evidence collections and coverage for other first responders.

    As residents/property owners, We pay for police services and demand them.


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    Shari Godinez over 2 years ago

    Invest in Oakland’s community by supporting community events and replenish the city’s “Festival Fund”. These events not only support the mental health of our communities, they provided much needed revenue to Oakland businesses which is even more critical to help them bounce back coming out of this global economic crisis. The city’s return on this small investment is huge.

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    Ryan Harrison over 2 years ago

    I am writing to express my support for Council President Bas' amendment. I am appalled that the mayor would move to increase the police budget, and even look into a new police headquarters. A 10 minuet drive around Oakland will show you that there are many people in our community that need every penny we have to help them, not a new police headquarters. I do NOT support Council member Taylor's amendment, due to the fact that it would add another police academy. With an attrition rate of nearly 50% from our current academies, it seems like a downright foolish investment in more. The rise in crime in Oakland stems from a lack of supportive services and resources, not a lack of cops. We need to make the cops job clearer, and easier for them to perform by taking some responsibilities off their plate. The cops are currently they catch all for our city, and that is not what they are meant to do. Fund alternatives like MACRO, which will remove weapons from encounters with our community. I support Council President Bas' amendment, but I also encourage the City Council to go farther with cuts to violent police (who have been and still are under watch from the DOJ for their own crimes) and fund community based response networks. Thank you.

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    Tracy Perron over 2 years ago

    I am giving support for the Thai, Reid and Taylor Amendments.
    You must rid Oakand of the recklessness, the violence, dumping and homelessness. All districts need equal revenue! We must create sustainable economic development in districts 6&7. Children need parks and programs equal to that of your "privileged " neighborhoods. We must protect and promote our city, yet if there continues to exist the massive inequality then we will all suffer. I believe you can support police and non police programs without putting our children (in the flats) up as leverage. Fight for all of Oakand! Save this city! Create revenue for the city and build up the infrastructure by supporting small businesses in East Oakand.

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    Amy Carlson over 2 years ago

    My name is Amy Carlson and I am a member of First Unitarian Church of Oakland and I worship in District 3.
    My voice represents the 215 members of my congregation as well as the 28 faith institutions who have committed to signing on to the Faith Moral Budget Letter. I was a part of the delegation of faith leaders that delivered that letter to city hall on April 30th.
    As Unitarian Universalists, my church community believes it is a spiritual imperative to build Beloved Community and to accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and in our institutions, especially right where we live and worship.
    We are committed to healing the historical divestments from Black, Brown and API communities in Oakland. Rather than increasing police spending like the Mayor’s budget, we are demanding the adoption of a budget that addresses the root causes of economic and racial violence.
    We support President Bas’ amendments to the mayor’s budget. We are asking that the council adopt a budget that invests in community, invests in ending homelessness, invests in housing services and protections for frontline workers, and invests in violence prevention.

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    Andrea Lloyd over 2 years ago

    Hi, my name is Andrea and I am writing in regards to fundings going into neighborhoods/communities to help prevent so much crime, breaking's ETC. I live in a nice neighborhood that can use the funding to support libraries, community centers, and senior homes which need to have activities for seniors and the teens which run the neighborhoods coming crimes can get paid to mentor children and seniors instead of committing crimes also the seniors and children need somewhere to go instead of running the streets or staying home, my community enjoys having BBQ's and neighborhood get together and the funding will nice to keep the neighborhood safe.

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    Daniel Swafford over 2 years ago

    SUPPORT for the Thao, Reid, Taylor Budget Amendments - As someone who works directly with over 400 small and medium size businesses, helping shape our communities and culture of Oakland from east of the lake, please incorporate ALL of the Thao, Reid, Taylor Budget Amendments as brought to Council.

    Please also work to fund sufficient police staffing to help secure Oakland's business and resident communities, and to investigate crimes. Attrition rates are high and academies are often needed just to sustain levels in the future. Now more than ever our business communities cannot suffer through conditions that deter customers and clients from coming out and patronizing their business, or their business being victimized.

    Thank you