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4 21-0184 Subject: Informational Report Regarding Street Sweeping From: Councilmember Fife Recommendation: Receive A Informational Report From The City Administrator Providing An Analysis Of The GIS System's Street Sweeping Routes And Protocols; Staffing Levels, Average Number Of Routes Missed Daily And Location By District. Provide An Updated Map Of The Street Sweeping Days And Routes To Be Placed On The City's Website; Include The Annual Maintenance Costs And Lifespan Of The Street Sweeping Equipment. Provide a Report On The Areas Where Residents Are Being Ticketed For Street Sweeping

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    Zachary Evan over 2 years ago

    I live at Telegraph and 30th. I bike on these protected bike lanes nearly every day and can state, unequivocally, that they provide a safer design for bikers, cars and pedestrians alike. In fact, OakDOT showcased the increased safety of protected bike lanes in their own presentation about this section of Telegraph Ave. two years ago. Every single survey from the DOT and the business district show public preference for the protected bikeway design, and data show large increases in the number of people biking and walking on the corridor since the protected bike lanes were installed. Furthermore, this move backwards will divert funds away from other street safety projects. Oakland has already been awarded a $4.5 million grant to upgrade this very section of Telegraph Avenue, which is fully designed, funded, and would have been on the ground this year. A last-minute switch to paint-only bike lanes would require state approval and a major redesign, delaying safety upgrades and costing the city more money and staff resources. Finally, the main pushback on Telegraph Avenue over the years has come from business owners within the district, frustrated with the project’s slow and difficult implementation. Whether the city opts for buffered bike lanes or works to further improve the safety of protected bike lanes, the project could very well face additional years of pushback if the city doesn’t answer the real question: How will KONO businesses be meaningfully supported?