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S7 21-0471 Subject: Oral Report On Action Plan To Address Violent Crime From: Council President Fortunato Bas And Councilmember Fife Recommendation: Receive An Oral Report And Recommendation From The Police Chief On The Action Plan To Address Violent Crime, Including: (1) How Does Deployment And Overtime Strategy Lead To Outcomes Reducing Violent Crime; (2) How Is The Oakland Police Department Collaborating With Department Of Violence Prevention On The Highest Violent Crime Beats And The Reported Small Number Of People Committing Crimes; (3) Identifying The Units, Number Of Officers, Budgeted Amount Focused On Violent Crime And Investigations; 4) Identifying Vacant Positions Focused On Violent Crime And Investigations, Including Gun Tracing Positions; And 5) Data On Attrition Rates Of OPD Officers

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    Robin Walker, Revered over 2 years ago

    Not only oral report but something in writing.