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Agenda Item

S6 21-0346 Subject: Mayor's Proposed FY 2021-23 Budget Presentation From: Finance Department Recommendation: Receive An Informational Report Regarding The Mayor's Proposed Fiscal Year 2021-23 Proposed Operating And Capital Improvement Budgets

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    Suzi Goldmacher about 3 years ago

    I support the action plan laid out by Fortunato Bas, president of the council.

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    A Turner about 3 years ago

    I am opposed to all aspects of Schaaf’s budget that increase police funding, including financing more overtime and increasing the number of police academies. It is clear that Schaaf is not listening to Oakland residents and it is clear that investing in police does not prevent crime or keep people safe.

  • 4178215695615039
    Robin Walker, Revered about 3 years ago

    Receive an informed report. It is disrespectful to present a report to budget that is so ambiguous .