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Agenda Item

3.4 21-0486 Subject: 21st Street Bridge & Tunnel Franchise Transfer From: Economic And Workforce Development Department Recommendation: Adopt An Ordinance To: (1) Consent To The Transfer Of The Franchise To Construct, Maintain And Operate A Bridge And Tunnel At 21ST Street, Pursuant To Ordinance No. 8005, C.M.S. Dated July 24, 1969, As Amended By Ordinance No. 12733 C.M.S. Dated March 7, 2006, To CIM-Oakland 1 Kaiser Plaza LP And BA2 300 Lakeside LLC; And (2) Amend Said Ordinance To: Increase The Amount Of The Liability Insurance From $1,000,000 To $2,000,000 For Property Damage And Bodily Injury; Increase The Annual Franchise Consideration From $1,500 To $2,500 Per Year; Authorize The Council To Terminate The Franchise If Grantee Fails To Comply With Any Term Or Condition Of The Franchise; And Clarify That Grantee Disclaims Any Right, Title, Or Interest In Or To Any Portion Of The Public Right-Of-Way; On The July 6, 2021 City Council Agenda On Non-Consent