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2.15 21-0430 Subject: Fruitvale Business Improvement District 2021 ("Fruitvale BID 2021"). From: Economic & Workforce Development Department Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution: 1) Declaring An Intention To Form The Fruitvale Community Benefit Business Improvement District 2021 ("Fruitvale BID 2021"); And 2) Granting Preliminary Approval Of The Fruitvale BID 2021 Management Plan; And 3) Directing Filing Of The Proposed Fruitvale BID 2021 Assessment District Boundary Description With The City Clerk; And 4) Directing Distribution Of A Ballot To All Affected Property Owners In The Proposed Fruitvale BID 2021 To Determine Whether A Majority Protest Exists; And 5) Scheduling A Public Hearing For July 20, 2021

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    Miguel LaRosa over 2 years ago

    Start Business' that aren't Off shoots of Other Non Profits... Fruitvale BID. Picture of Cleanup is of Church, That is biggest producer of Street Trash on 33rd Ave. Movement of Property Lines to Merge These Business' with the "Mother Ship". The East Oakland Non Profit Cartel.