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2.13 21-0411 Subject: Board of Education Youth Voting Ordinance From: Vice Mayor Kaplan Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Directing The City Administrator To Prepare An Ordinance For Council Adoption To Implement Voting Procedures For Qualified Persons Aged 16 Years Old And Above, Who Would Otherwise Be Eligible To Vote Under State Law, To Vote For The Office Of School Board Director On The Oakland Unified School District Board, In Accordance With The Procedures Developed By The City Of Oakland Elections Official (City Clerk), The Alameda County Elections Official (Alameda County Registrar Of Voters) And The Oakland Unified School District

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    Aniyah Story over 2 years ago

    Hello, my name is Aniyah Story and I am 16 years old. I am a member of OYAC representing district 2 and I attend Oakland High school. I would like Council to support the resolution to direct the City Administrator to prepare an ordinance for council adoption to implement voting procedures for Oakland Youth Vote.

    Youth leaders have been at the forefront of fighting for restorative justice, the free supper program, and climate justices in our schools. Yet, we do not have the ability to vote for our school board leaders. Furthermore, the process of implementing Youth Vote has been confusing for our adult allies. One moment they have been told that they do not need to do anything. Then, the next moment they have been told that Council needs to pass an ordinance. Now, the ordinance language has been changed to being a resolution. I am concerned that youth keep getting told to wait in line and that the youth vote will not get implemented on time for the 2022 School Board election.

    By having the ability to vote for School Board directors, we will have a direct impact on decision-making and make long-term change for Oakland students. Oakland’s voters spoke loud and clear by passing Measure QQ by 67% in November 2020. As a youth who fought for the passage of Measure QQ, I would like to have the opportunity to vote in the November 2022 election.

    For these reasons, I care deeply that the City Council votes to approve this time-bound resolution today.

    Aniyah Story, 16

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    Benjamin Salop over 2 years ago

    Good afternoon esteemed city council members. My name is Benjamin Salop, and I am a student attending Oakland Technical High School in Oakland’s first Council District as well as the co-chair of the youth commission. I’m writing to you on behalf of the Oakland Youth commission to strongly encourage your support for the resolution directing the City Administrator to prepare an Oakland Youth Vote resolution.
    Last year, Oakland students demonstrated their passion for expanding the vote to youth by mobilizing in record numbers to draft, lobby, and eventually passed Measure QQ. This ballot measure pledged to lower the voting age in Oakland to 16 in school board elections, placing the City of Oakland in a position as the largest city in the country to allow youth voter engagement. To achieve this landmark policy, the Oakland City Council must follow through on its promise to lower the voting age by creating the Oakland Youth Vote ordinance. It is imperative for Oakland to pass this legislation to offer young people the crucial rights that we demand, and reaffirm your commitment to uplifting youth-voice. By passing this resolution, you will ensure that the Oakland Unified School District remains accountable to students during the COVID-19 pandemic and address the issues that affect Oakland’s youth. I implore you to complete the establishment of youth voting in Oakland through this small but significant resolution.