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15 21-0298 Subject: DVP Violence Intervention Renewals Fiscal Year 2021-2022 From: Department Of Violence Prevention Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Authorizing The City Administrator To Renew Grant Agreements With Violence Intervention Program Service Providers In A Total Amount Not To Exceed Eight Million Five Hundred Sixty Thousand Dollars ($8,560,000) For An Additional One-Year Term Beginning July 1, 2021 And Ending June 30, 2022

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    Tanya Dennis almost 3 years ago

    My name is Tanya Dennis and I am the Chairwoman of Adamika Village#stopkillingourkidsmovement. We were funded $10,000 for our Credible Messengers to go into hotspots and mitigate violence in East Oakland. Everyone is aware that homicides have escalated 300% over last year and the Oakland Community must do everything within its power to reach the most hardened of hearts to stop killing, not only each other but innocent people as well. Last night a party bus was shot up with one dead and multiple injuries. We are currently listening to the "underground" as to who perpetrated this horrible crime, whether it's gang related or the aftermath of the 12 year old murdered last week in Antioch (she was from Oakland in hiding). Only Adamika Village, Bonafide Sisterhood and Men of Influence have the street credentials to do this work and must continue to be funded not only for this work but for their peace initiative to bring peace to the streets of Oakland by involving the Oakland community. We are hosting a major "Pull up for Peace" event this Sunday starting at 104th and Foothill at Hunts Berry Liquor where Freeman Griffin was shot 20 times to Concordia Park where Reuben Lewis, a beloved coach and father was murdered in front of his young football team. We will provide mental health services, vaccine distribution/testing, food and a family handbook created by the Violence Prevention Coalition . We are the community that Oakland needs to accomplish peace in the streets.