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10 21-0366 Subject: Sugar Sweetened Beverage Community Advisory Board Funding Recommendations From: Office Of The City Administrator Recommendation: Receive An Informational Report Of The Recommendations Of The Sugar Sweetened Beverage Community Advisory Board For The Allocation Of Measure HH, Fund 1030 Revenue For The 2021-23 Fiscal Years

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    Amani Ali almost 3 years ago

    Hello I'm Amani Ali, resident of District 5, and the Healthy Grocery Initiative Coordinator at Mandela Partners.
    Allocating the SSB tax as the CAB recommends is the most equitable use of funds. Black and Brown communities pay most into the tax, therefore should receive the most back from it. The food cards support small businesses, which ensure that there are plenty of options for people to shop for healthy food in their neighborhoods. The tax's purpose is to de-incentivize SSBs, so incentivizing healthy purchases only makes sense. Please Support the FULL community proposal for the Soda Tax