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21-0318 2) A Resolution 1) Preliminarily Accepting And Approving The Engineer's Report; 2) Calling For A Public Hearing On The Proposed Assessment District To Be Held By The Council On Tuesday, July 20, 2021 At 1:30 P.M. And An Assessment Ballot Proceeding For The City Of Oakland Utility Underground Assessment District No. 2021-232, Piedmont Pines Phase II; And 3) Designating The Engineer Of Work To Assist The City Clerk In Connection With The Mailing And Tabulation Of The Ballots, And To Answer Inquiries Regarding The Protest Proceedings Applicable To The Assessment District

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    Scott Fairbanks over 2 years ago

    Dear Council, Speaking as a previous 16 year employee of Southern California Edison, I have firsthand knowledge of the many benefits of undergrounded utilities, and the safety and reliability that comes with an undergrounded system. When we purchased our Piedmont Pines home, the pending undergrounding of utilities on Chelton was definitely a determining factor in our decision. With fire season already upon us, I urge you approve the resolution so this decades old effort can finally move forward. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

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    Robbie Neely over 2 years ago

    I am posting on behalf of Rhoma Young who had difficulty posting this comment on line:
    We are all active and committed residents of Oakland and speak through the Piedmont Pines neighborhood Association as our tireless advocate to working to protect, improve, upgrade and make more our homes and neighborhood more safe in times of fires, earthquakes and any other natural disaster. As a group, we need to be able to consider and vote on setting up an assessment district to cover expenses. This presents no cost to the city. This has been on our calendars for over 3 decades. We are long term residents. I lived through the last major Oakland Fire, I don’t want to live through another one. We are simply requesting the opportunity to express our opinions, to voice our concern, and consider the options in how to best pay for it and the safety of our homes. Rhoma's email address is

    I am posting this on behalf of John Lowry who similarly was unable to post:
    I am a resident of Piedmont Pines. This work is more important than ever to our neighborhood and we have spent 34 years trying to make it happen. It will increase public safety by reducing fire risk, and improve the neighborhood's liveability. The city's costs will be paid by home owners so there will be no cost to taxpayers. In fact, there will be less burden and risk from the neighborhood, so it will reduce risk and costs to the city. John's email address is