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Agenda Item

3.4 21-0202 Subject: Support Of AB 854 (Lee) From: Councilmember Kalb And Councilmember Fife Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution In Support Of Assembly Bill 854 (Lee) That Would Prohibit A Rental Housing Owner From Removing A Building From The Market Pursuant To The Ellis Act Unless All Owners Of The Property Have Held Their Ownership Interest For At Lease Five Years, Which Puts An End To Speculator Evictions; On The March 29, 2021 Special City Council Agenda

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    Phyllis Horneman over 3 years ago

    The language of AB 854 is substantially different from that shown in 3.4. The city attorney should check the bill against this resolution. As the owner of an in-law I have been delaying removing my unit from the market because I have a tenant and I do not want to be forced to evict her However, my very real concern that the city will try to change the Ellis Act force to legalize forced rentals. Oakland has now applied almost all renter protections to in-laws so the renter has more control than the homeowner. I am required to allow as many as 3 tenants in my backyard in this "cozy" in-law unit. I understand that there is their "five year" rule. I also understand that this is always the tip of the iceberg, and the small housing provider gets smashed when the rest of iceberg collides. So I oppose this rule change, which does not appear to be supported by the text of the bill cited:
    SECTION 1. Section 7060 of the Government Code is amended to read:
    7060. (a) No A public entity, as defined in Section 811.2, shall, shall not, by statute, ordinance, or regulation, or by administrative action implementing any statute, ordinance or regulation, compel require the owner of any residential real property to offer, or to continue to offer, accommodations in the property for rent or lease, except for guestrooms or efficiency units within a residential hotel, as defined in Section 50519 of the Health and Safety Code, if the residential hotel meets all of the following conditions: