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Agenda Item

3.13 20-0754 Subject: Local Business Empowerment Through Contracting (LBETC) From: Councilmember Taylor Recommendation: [OLD TITLE] Adopt The Following Pieces Of Legislation: 1) A Resolution Strengthening The City Of Oakland's Commitment To Empowering Local Businesses By Enhancing Its Local And Small Local Business Enterprise (L/SLBE) Program Through Greater Participation In City Contracting; And [NEW TITLE] Adopt The Following Two Pieces Of Legislation: 1) An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 13101, Which Revised Oakland's Local And Small Local Business Enterprise (L/SLBE) Program Provisions, To Further Revise The L/SLBE Program Provisions To Change Local And Small Local Trucking Participation Requirements, Add New Local Business Categories And Certification Criteria, Change The Definition Of "Substantial Presence," Define "Local-Based Manufacturer," Add And Change Bid Discounts, Limit Modifications To L/SLBE Schedules After Bid Opening, And Add Provisions Related To Disposition And Development Agreements And Cooperative Agreements; And