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Agenda Item

3.12 20-0647 Subject: Establishing the Measure KK Oversight Public Committee From: Finance Department Recommendation: Adopt An Ordinance Establishing Pursuant To City Of Oakland Charter Section 601 The Affordable Housing & Infrastructure (Measure KK) Public Oversight Committee And Prescribing The Functions, Duties, Powers, And Terms Of Its Members; On The October 6, 2020 City Council Agenda As A Non-Consent Item

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    Miguel LaRosa over 3 years ago

    KK was passed almost 4 Years ago, An Oversight committee, An Afterthought. All affordable Housing Dollars were spent Dec 2016,
    Right after KK was passed. The Streets Paving... Fail, Banana Bus Rapid Transit is a Joke. Sorry. And no new "Cop Shop". Oversight committee after the Fact. Just make sure all remaining redirection / misuse of Public funds have an appearance of being legal. "That Boat has sailed... Lived it's Full Commercial Life, and has been Scrapped 'n Salvaged."