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1 20-0541 Subject: TOD Housing Program From: Housing And Community Development Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Authorizing The City Administrator Or His Designee To Apply For, Accept, And, If Awarded, The City Council To Appropriate Funds Under The State Of California Department Of Housing And Community Development's Transit-Oriented Development Housing Program In Connection With The Fruitvale Transit Village II-B Project At 35th Avenue And East 12th Street, In An Amount Not To Exceed $2,500,000.

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    Miguel LaRosa over 3 years ago

    Audit this Group.... ajter "weak" 2016 "Lame Duck" Auditor Version, A >$2,000,000.00 per Year write off of Public Funds for Children. This Money is used in "Trumpian" Real estate Deals. Non Profits(C Corporations) supporting Children should not become Huge Public "Family" Profit making Machines. i.e:.A $500,000,000.00 Political Dynasties is not Benevolence. If these Guys are so Great... Why in the 50 Years of It's existence... The neighborhood is worse off... If You are in Family... You moved out. They don't care about neighborhood. The Walnut Creek kids got Exploratorium, Monterey Trips... Oakland kids, The Mausoleums of 34th Avenue, & Fruitvale... The standard for Oakland should be as Saint Vincent's Day Home... Which gets a pittance of Oakland's Head Start, & Early Head Start Funds(1.5)%, But offers a true school environment. Grass is superior to faded Rooftop astro turf... Get this Straight. I want what is best for Oakland's Children... These Real Estate Developments take Head Start Money... Which is then "Lost in Administration". Creates great Lifestyles for those at top. Find Fruitvale Development Corp Tax return 2018 (FY ending 9-30-2017). FDC is not in Unity Council Stated On-Line Financials beginning... with THAT filing. Also that Filing represents the 6th straight Year that a different entity signs the Corporation Tax Returns(All Companies & Developments). Much Plausible Deniability for All. ALL of these 181 units should be for the Homeless. Not upgrade for friend.