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8 20-0494 Subject: Transportation Network Companies Trip Tax Ballot Measure From: Council President Kaplan Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution On The City Council's Own Motion Submitting To The Voters At The General Municipal Election On November 3, 2020, A Proposed Ordinance To Impose A General Tax On Users Of Transportation Network Companies At A Rate Of 50 Cents For Private Trips And 25 Cents For Pool Trips; And Directing The City Clerk To Take Any And All Actions Necessary Under Law To Prepare For And Conduct The November 3, 2020 General Municipal Election

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    Amar Lal over 3 years ago

    As a resident of District 3, I believe that ride-hailing apps and TNCs have resulted from residents lack of mobility on public transit infrastructure. Based on a decade of living in New York and seeing that taxes on private transportation in the form of bridge/tunnel tolls and taxi licensing fees has helped to fund more public transit infrastructure, I believe that this very small tax added to each trip can potentially go a long way to funding city infrastructure in Oakland.

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    Trish Krajniak over 3 years ago

    Dear City Council Members,

    HopSkipDrive is writing to express its opposition to the proposed Transportation Network Companies Trip Tax Ballot Measure.

    HopSkipDrive is a small TNC that is licensed and designed specifically for the needs of youth and other vulnerable populations. Since its inception in 2014, HopSkipDrive has become a leader in providing a safe, reliable, and cost-effective alternative transportation solution for schools and county agencies. Specifically, schools and county foster agencies contract with HopSkipDrive to arrange transportation for students with disabilities, students experiencing homelessness, and youth in the foster care system, in order to provide them access to critical and federally-required resources and services.

    While we appreciate the amendment to the measure that was incorporated last week, which would allow the Council to adopt exemptions, this amendment does not guarantee that HopSkipDrive and others like it will be exempted from the tax. This risks these additional fees being charged to and collected from Oakland families who need to get their children to and from school and childcare, as well as Oakland schools, school districts, and county foster agencies who rely on HopSkipDrive’s safe and affordable solution for the at-risk youth they serve.

    Accordingly, we ask that you vote “no” on the Transportation Network Companies Trip Tax Ballot Measure.


    Trish Krajniak
    Dir. of Reg. Affairs & Risk Mgmt.

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    Peter Slowik over 3 years ago

    Dear Oakland City Councilmembers,

    We at the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) welcome the opportunity to provide input based on our research.

    We support such a TNC tax where all funds collected are dedicated to support a broader zero-emission mobility package that includes electric ride-hailing, public transit, and electric charging infrastructure, pedestrian/bike infrastructure. We recommend exempting zero-emission vehicles from any such TNC tax to send a clear signal to align the TNC companies, drivers, and passengers to opt for electric ride-hailing. Our related research shows how a well-designed ride-hailing tax can enable widespread TNC electric vehicle adoption. We find that a small portion of the tax revenues can finance the needed charging infrastructure, while still leaving a more substantial portion to support broader zero-emission mobility options. Using the tax revenue to create universal access to zero-emission mobility, public transit, and pedestrian infrastructure ensures the cities is doing everything possible to make a complete green and healthy transportation network. Our supporting research is available at:

    We're happy to respond to any questions or follow up with your staff. Please feel free to email me ( and my colleague Nic Lutsey ( at any time.

    Best regards,

    Pete Slowik
    595 Market St. Suite 1250
    San Francisco