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Agenda Item

3.3 20-0549 Subject: RV Pilot Program On Undeveloped Property From: Council President Kaplan Recommendation: Conduct A Public Hearing, And Upon Conclusion, Adopt The Following Pieces Of Legislation; 1) An Ordinance Adding Oakland Municipal Code (OMC) Chapter 5.72 To Establish A Pilot Program To Permit Occupancy Of A Recreational Vehicle On Undeveloped Property; Making Conforming Changes To The OMC And Oakland Planning Code; And Making California Environmental Quality Act Findings; And

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    Amar Lal over 3 years ago

    As a resident of District 3, I believe we should be trying as many avenues as possible to help house people. However, I hope that the council sees this effort to temporary and in tandem with longer-term development and housing solutions.

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    Ashleigh Halverstadt over 3 years ago

    As a resident of District 3, I support this pilot program as a temporary measure to address the outrageous homelessness crisis in our community. But please, please develop comprehensive policies to get our unhoused neighbors into safe, permanent housing.

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    Ashley Davidson over 3 years ago

    I support this legislation; however, our unhoused community needs permanent housing solutions, access to mental health services, medical services, living wages, etc.

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    Jessi Barber over 3 years ago

    I support this as an interim method, but it must be accompanied by comprehensive programs and legislation that protect tenants, provide health and wellness services to unhoused residents and address the root problems of homelessness: economic and racial inequality.

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    Tisha Barros over 3 years ago

    I support this 100%.

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    Karin Drucker over 3 years ago

    I support legalizing unhoused residents' stay in RVs on undeveloped land.

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    Lecia Finney over 3 years ago

    This pilot program is worth trying