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2.1 20-0522 Subject: New License Agreement For Gondola Services On Lake Merritt From: Economic And Workforce Development Department Recommendation: Adopt An Ordinance (1) Authorizing The City Administrator To Negotiate And Execute A Five-Year License With One Five-Year Option To Renew, At The Below Market Rate Of $1000 Per Month, Increasing By $100 In Each Year Including The Option Term, For Use Of Space By Gondola Servizio L.L.C. At Lake Chalet, 1520 Lakeside Drive, And Lake Merritt Boating Center, 568 Bellevue Avenue, Both Properties On The Same Parcel (APN 10-764-3), For Gondola Services On Lake Merritt And (2) Making Findings That The License For Below Fair Market Value Is In The Best Interests Of The City [TITLE CHANGE]

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    Ben Sigrist almost 4 years ago

    I am a renter in District 3, West Oakland. Our household's ability to pay rent has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. Many of my neighbors rent from the same landlord and several of us cannot afford to pay rent due to the loss of income from the pandemic. As a group, we have tried to contact our landlord, Justin Wallway of JDW Enterprises, and discuss this with him. However, our landlord has refused to even talk with us. Instead he sends threatening letters through abusive property managers. Please understand that we have tried our best to talk to our landlord Justin Wallway as reasonable people with reasonable proposals. But it's clear that Justin Wallway only wants to extract as much profit from us as possible without concern for our wellbeing during a global crisis. He refuses to even add additional individuals to our leases. Again, we have tried to negotiate with our landlord responsibly on our own. It's very clear now that we need additional legal protections to prevent our landlord from taking advantage of us.

    Ben Sigrist
    Renting Tenant
    District 3