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    Claire Norris almost 4 years ago

    I am a District 1 resident in Oakland, and I urge the City Council to put its money where its mouth is and support Black lives and futures by reallocating 50% ($1.5 million) to housing, education, mental health, and other critical services. I also demand that the City Council cut its contract with the California Highway Patrol and remove them from Oakland. Police brutality is a public health crisis that threatens people's lives on top of a global pandemic, and the violence against protestors and the rest of the city must stop.

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    Angela Noel almost 4 years ago

    BLACK LIVES MATTER. The time is now for investing in services that nurture and support a humane and just Oakland. The City Council must divest the City from over-policing and invest in services that bring community solutions to public safety and provide needed public services--NOT MORE COPS WITH GUNS. Start today by defunding OPD with a $1.5 million transfer to the Department of Violence Prevention for the MACRO program (Mobile Assistance Community Response of Oakland). You, we, must CONTINUE defunding OPD, until Black people are safe and policing is transformed. Unless this is done, no one, no matter who they are, where they live or come from, can find justice here. Defund now, save lives now, act now. The time is now.

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    Wesley Nelson almost 4 years ago

    The commercial-grade explosive fireworks that non-qualified people are setting off are a serious hazard to life and property. Do we have to wait until someone is seriously maimed or killed, or a house goes up in flames before enforcement is put in place? Much like Mr. Falkell, I enjoy small fireworks like sparklers, as well as sanctioned events for larger displays, but it's completely different when you're not expecting it and a house-rattling detonation goes off down the block. I've been told it's "a tradition" in Oakland, and to just "deal with it", but this months-long barrage has gotten completely out of hand. I support stricter enforcement.

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    YASMIN ANWAR almost 4 years ago

    Someone took down the comments. There were about 15 here. What happened?