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4 20-0295 Subject: Ratifying The Existence Of A Local Emergency From: Council President Kaplan Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Confirming And Ratifying The Existence Of A Local Emergency Within The Territorial Limits Of The City Of Oakland Proclaimed By The City Administrator On March 9, 2020 Pursuant To Oakland Municipal Code Section 8.50 And Government Code Section 8630

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    Lindsay Imai Hong over 4 years ago

    As an Oakland resident since 2001, I've seen the unhoused population explode and have lost many good friends who've had to move to other parts of CA and parts of the U.S. due to the extremely high housing costs here. The Corona virus is a very real threat and we've learned that those who are older, immunocompromised and those under terrific stress are most vulnerable to it. I support the calling for a state of an emergency where evictions and camp sweeps are halted, there is rent forgiveness instated for those who lose income due to a loss of business or jobs because of a major shift in consumer behavior due to the Corona virus and that major efforts are taken to support the most vulnerable- especially the unhoused with critical hygiene supports (like showers, sanitizer, garbage clean up) as well as emergency housing to allow for families and individuals to stay within safe distance from one another and be able to practice the social distancing that is being recommended. Thank you!