Meeting Time: January 28, 2020 at 12:30pm PST
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Agenda Item

12 20-0061 Subject: State Grant Funding For Cannabis Equity Program From: Office Of The City Administrator Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution: (1) Accepting And Appropriating One-Million, Six-Hundred And Fifty-Seven Thousand, Two-Hundred And One Dollars And Sixty-Five Cents ($1,657,201.65) In 2019-2020 State Of California, Equity Act Grant Funding To Assist Local Cannabis Equity Applicants And Licensees; (2) Authorizing The City Administrator To: (A) Amend The Professional Services Agreement With 4Front Partners By Increasing The Funding From One-Hundred And Eighty Thousand Dollars ($180,000) To Three-Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000) To Administer Loan And Grant Programs For Cannabis Equity Applicants And Licensees; (B) Enter Into A Professional Services Agreement With Knox And Ross To Provide Legal Services To Cannabis Equity Applicants And Licensees In The Amount Of One-Hundred And Twenty Thousand Dollars ($120,000); (3) Waiving The Request For Proposals/Qualifications Process For The Two Professional Services Agreements Referenced Above; (4) Re-Appropriating Repaid Cannabis Equity Loan Funds Allocated Pursuant To Resolution 86633 C.M.S. For The Same Purposes Of Cannabis Equity Loan Assistance; And (5) Adding A Program Analyst Position To Support Grant And Equity Program Administration