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    Kim Davis about 4 years ago

    Please listen to the Prescott Principal, teachers and parents and reconsider your decision to allow the wonderful drug treatment program Options Recovery Services across the street from their school. There are many locations that are NOT directly across the street from an elementary school filled with students who regularly experience trauma in their lives. Options should be in West Oakland, just not directly across the street from Prescott. Please take the time to ensure that an optimal location is found in the neighborhood that both encourages client success AND protects the vulnerable children at Prescott.

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    Miguel LaRosa about 4 years ago

    Hmmm... 3 Items. NO AA Repeal, but... 2(ITEMS that should be held before PUBLIC HEARING.) That should be BEFORE THE PUBLIC, not hidden, in a made up in Afternoon Council Meeting... Where Rules are 4 weeks behind because of ALL the Time Making 6 Work in Time. Is this the continuing Leadership and Advice of City Consultant Francisco & Assoc?... As was AA? Which was passed in a Fraudulent Matter, as described by Judge in his RULING. Please We need to wait until November, when all of the 'odds are Up. We need to change this "taxation principle" as it is only a Fascist Assault on City Homeowners... Using Homeless as reason. You just appropriated $12 Tax in 2016 for Parks & Watersheds. Now this... Using the Homeless to cover used funds spent on AA passage... This is 3/4 AA funding. ZZ Funding which resulted in $6000Mil BOND... For streeys & Sidewalks... . It should "Roll" in November. We can put you 5 'ODDS, up against your Policies...