Meeting Time: October 22, 2019 at 1:30pm PDT
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Agenda Item

4 The item regarding the "Affordable Housing Impact Fees" was removed from this agenda via Rule 28.

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    Eric Arnold over 4 years ago

    MoJA would fulfill the City’s cultural equity mandate, help to mitigate the displacement of both artists and African Americans, create jobs and engagement opportunities within the cultural sector as well as within the educational sector. Moreover, it would accelerate the development of BAMBD as a cultural destination and add considerable economic and cultural value to the district. And, it could solidify the unsung history of Oakland as a center for West Coast Jazz. From a policy standpoint, approving this project would be a giant step forward for the City in terms of implementing its often-aspirational equity language contained in various policy documents. In a time of rapid gentrification and epidemic displacement of ethnic populations, artists, and low-income residents, MoJA has the potential to create an alternate narrative of resilience and transcendence of these challenges, while outlining a clear path toward equitable development. -- Eric Arnold, Co-Director, BAMBD CDC

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    Nik Wojcik over 4 years ago

    Please explain why this item has been removed from the agenda, again. Why is the city not reporting the amount collected or matched? Is the city forgiving/exempting developers? What documents/data points will be used to report collection and matching totals, and how is this process being independently audited?