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Agenda Item

S7.10 18-2222 Subject: Measurer KK Affordable Housing Programs From: Housing And Community Development Department Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Authorizing The City Administrator Or Her Designee To: 1) Make Acquisition And Conversion To Affordable Housing (ACAH) Loans From Measure KK Bond Proceeds Without Returning To Council; And 2) Reallocate Funding From Projects Currently Scheduled To Be Funded By The First Tranche Of Measure KK Funds (Fund 5331), Notwithstanding Any Previous Action By The City Council, To Any New Projects Initiated Pursuant To Programs Authorized To Receive Funding From Measure KK Bonds, Including But Not Limited To Projects Initiated Pursuant To The ACAH Program, To The Extent Necessary To Maximize Spend Down Of Outstanding Bond Funds And Ensure Cost Efficiency