Meeting Time: May 28, 2019 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

8 18-1790 Subject: Decriminalizing Entheogenic Plants From: Councilmember Gallo Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Supporting Entheogenic Plant Practices And Declaring That The Investigation And Arrest Of Individuals Involved With The Adult Use Of Entheogenic Plants On The Federal Schedule 1 List Be Amongst The Lowest Priority For The City Of Oakland

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    Iam PatientD about 5 years ago

    Agenda Item 8-18-1790 recognizes Ibogaine's effectiveness in treating Opiod addiction. Micro-doses (approximately 100 mg taken orally and daily) of Ibogaine, also have successfully been used as a beneficial and effective treatment for Parkinson's Disease (PD). yet the plant remains a Federal Schedule 1 substance. Please approve this Item to allow for legal access to, and legal use for other, yet-to-be-discovered illnesses.

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    Rich Hughes about 5 years ago

    Funds, time and effort should be used to protect communities. Entheogenic plants are known to help people from a range of conditions including addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety etc, these issues are a burden on our communities and therefore anything that helps people to recover from them should be embraced. Especially iboga and ibogaine are particularly well known as addiction interuptors and there for should not only be decriminalized but rather embraced as a viable and effective health care solution to the opiod and addiction crisis.

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    Christopher Jenks about 5 years ago

    Please vote to support this proposal to decriminalize entheogenic plants. Your vote will bring the day closer when these plants can bring the most benefit to everyone who needs them. For example, iboga and the ibogaine it contains is the only thing that can prevent - permanently - opiate withdrawal after a single dose. This invaluable tool would already be available to addiction treatment professionals in the United States if not for the inability to patent and profit from iboga to fight the uphill battle against its unfortunate and thoughtless legal scheduling. The more that people are aware of this tragic missed opportunity, the sooner we can all stop missing it.

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    Wesley Hale about 5 years ago

    I strongly support the decriminalization of entheogenic plant practices. Humans have been in relationship with mind altering plants for thousands of years. Entheogens, meaning revealing the divine within, are plants which allow the user to confront unconscious psychological material, experience a sense of unity and oneness with nature, self and other, and connect with a greater sense of meaning and purpose. These plants hold great promise for existential distress and many forms of psychological dis-ease. Individuals consuming these sacramental plants are doing so with the intention for accessing knowledge, healing, and connection that is positively connected to maintaining a healthy life and being a healthy member of society. I urge you to see that our society is outgrowing the stigma around psychedelics and with careful conscious use these medicines can be tools for living full and healthy lives and alleviating suffering.