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    Miguel LaRosa almost 5 years ago

    I came into those rooms starting 2014 to report of mismanagement of Public Funds By the Unity Council.
    The Audit by Brenda Roberts was inadequate. And was filed 10days after her election loss. The person overwhelmed by Finances described(The Fall Person) did not sign the 2017 FY Tax Form. And for the 5th consecutive Year... A different person has signed the Tax Form Filing. This way, the accidents, are "Oh, I didn't do the Return Last Year... The City is entitled to better Transparency... Especially now when in this Calendar year more than $125,000,000.00 rolls thru this "poor?". Non Profit. They should not show a +$3Mil in Year where they claim distress then receive a Loan for a ROOM, for the period of 2023~2057. I also want to know why in Zoom Mr Gallo, and one office staff is listed as employee of the Unity Council. I would hope that to be mistake. it either way needs to be corrected