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Agenda Item

S4.9 18-1201 Subject: Honoring Council Member Desley Brooks From: Council President Reid And Councilmember McElhaney Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Honoring Councilmember Desley Brooks For Her 16 Years Of Exemplary Service To The People Of Oakland As A Distinguished Member Of The Oakland City Council

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    Carroll Fife almost 5 years ago

    How dare you not honor Desley Brooks?!? Desley has been a councilmember much longer than you and has worked her ass off for her district! How dare you allow your actions to show that her work in the community, in her district is not validated? That it didn’t live up to your standards..Who are you to think your opinion can outweigh 16 years of dedication sweat and tears. You are pushing those very same voters/taxpayers/and families out of the city because you want to gentrify oakland. You want to welcome in more people like you. It is not okay. It is because of you that we have #TheTownVStheCity but #WeStandUnited