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9.3 18-0452 Subject: Derby Avenue Parcel DDA And Land Sale From: Economic And Workforce Development Recommendation: Conduct Adopt An Ordinance Authorizing The City Administrator Or Designee, Without Returning To The City Council, To Negotiate And Execute A Disposition And Development Agreement And Related Documents Between The City Of Oakland And Pacific West Communities, Inc, Or A Related Entity, On Terms And Conditions Described Herein, For The Sale Of The Derby Avenue Parcel (APN 025-0720-002-01) At The Appraised Fair Market Value Of $500,000 For The Development Of An Aspire Public Charter School

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    Allene Warren over 5 years ago

    As a taxpayer in Oakland who supports a quality education for all students, I object to the sale of the Derby St Parcel to be used for the establishment of a Charter School. the expansion and location would negatively impact the existing 18 schools within 1 mile of this proposed site. The Blueprint for Quality Schools states the need for all schools to consider facility condition, location, future growth, and program development; none of which ASPIRE has shown to be a legitimate reason for expansion. In fact, they have not yet presented expansion plans to the Board of Education.
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