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7.19 18-0556 Subject: Adoption of the Oakland Cultural Plan From: Cultural Affairs Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Adopting The Oakland Cultural Plan "Belonging In Oakland: A Cultural Development Plan"

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    Sonia Tamez over 5 years ago

    The Oakland Art Association (OAA) appreciates the opportunity to support the City of Oakland’s Cultural Plan (Plan). We urge the Council to pass a resolution adopting the Plan. We are a nonprofit group of artists and supporters whose mission is to promote the enjoyment of the visual arts. OAA actively supports equity, culture, and belonging in Oakland’s diverse and vibrant communities. We have been a significant and enduring presence in Oakland since 1957. OAA develops traditional and nontraditional venues to showcase art, we support underserved art education programs through our grants, and we partner with others promoting Oakland’s artistic future. We have been engaged in the development of the Plan over the past year. OAA agrees that there needs to be more attention to utilizing existing assets and leveraging of additional resources. We look forward to working with the City of Oakland to implement the Plan to encourage the artistic expression in Oakland’s diverse communities.