Meeting Time: June 26, 2018 at 4:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

5 18-0556 Subject: Adoption of the Oakland Cultural Plan From: Cultural Affairs Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Adopting The Oakland Cultural Plan "Belonging In Oakland: A Cultural Development Plan"

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    Maile Smith over 5 years ago

    I support the Cultural Plan and stand-alone Department status for Cultural Affairs. Oakland's culture is a unique and priceless resource that deserves nothing less. Let's protect what we value.

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    Eric Arnold over 5 years ago

    The Cultural Plan draft is crucial to the future of a thriving and diverse community which supports the creative arts and recognizes the role culture plays in the overall quality of life in Oakland. Refocusing the Cultural Affairs Department's role to better serve community and promote Cultural Equity is in alignment with equity targets currently being integrated into the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan as well as the mission of City's Department of Race and Equity. Adoption of this plan will help tremendously in supporting existing and emerging cultural zones across the entire City, as well as mitigating further erosion of cultural identity and loss of diversity. The Life Enrichment Committee should absolutely and unanimously approve this Plan and forward it to the full Council with confidence.

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    Rebecca Firestone over 5 years ago

    I support this plan to keep Oakland's cultural resources from displacement due to economic re-development that relies on clearing out existing groups in order to attract higher-income groups. Both individuals and community groups are being displaced, now, today. We all need to live together. We need new blood and old hands both. I have been in extensive communication with the Oakland Culture Keepers group, I've read their research and their supplemental material, and I am convinced they are on the right track. Thank you
    - Rebecca Firestone, Oakland, District 5, 94621